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Why Dionysus Productions?

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In-House Audio Studio

• 8 input link to an external digital workstation suitable for vocal mics, instrument mics, amp outputs, etc.
• Talk-back and playback between the external workstation and the recording room.
• Monitor set-up for “looping” along with video playback.
• Soundproofing and padded angled walls for an acoustically friendly recording environment.

Live Event Audio Recording

Our team can travel to any production and provide professional, effective and and clean audio servicing.  Complete with boom mics, zoom recorders, lavalieres, and on set playback devices, our sound team can record any production.  We start by scouting the location and recording space and then selecting the best equipment to capture crisp audio without interfering with the event space. We then record your event, and transfer the media files to you.  We work efficiently, professionally, and consistently.

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Post Production Audio Services

Utilizing our in-house studio, our team can touch up your existing audio, implement clean music for overlays, record an entire soundtrack from scratch, or even provide a consultation to check our how your set-up is running.  We have a full in-house recording space complete with sound proof walls, and a suite of editing software to ensure your audio is crisp and consistent across all devices.

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